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Designer Villain Cruella De Vil

Released: Oct 16 2012

Limited Edition Size: 13,000

Original Cost: $79.50 £50 €65

Doll size: 11 1/2" H

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Part of the Disney Villains Designer line that was released in 2012 this doll is a designer re-imagination of the character Cruella De Vil from the movie 101 Dalmatians.

This doll just resonates luxury and sophistication, with a luxe fur coat and a sequin halter dress with a plunging neckline this doll looks amazing. Definitely one of the favorites within the line Cruella's design is stunning from the detail in her clothing to her signature hairstyle, Disney did a great job translating the concept into this doll.

One of the criticisms this doll received was the fact that Cruella's facial features were softer than the character in the movie, however she does support a snide look that gives her a dastardly appearance.

Unlike the princess line all the dolls in this series share the same edition size as opposed to having varying sizes.

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