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Designer Fairies

These are the first designer dolls to be released in commemoration of an event. The Designer Fairies were a surprise release in that no one was expecting them and because they were released outside of doll season. Unlike all other designer dolls this line only featured two characters and was released to commemorate the release of Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy on Blu-Ray and DVD. All previous designer lines were released as part of doll season and featured Disney characters in a designer concept, these were released in February 2014 and appear to be similar to the limited edition dolls in that they are doll versions of their animated counterparts. 

On January 22, 2014 the Disney Store announced on both their twitter and facebook page that they were going to be releasing a Designer Fawn to celebrate the release of the new Tinker Bell movie The Neverbeast on bluray. Shortly after they released the information on their blog along with further pictures of the doll. Unlike her predecessors Fawn has a rabbit companion with her and her wings are glitter wings as opposed to the opalescent type of wings that Tinker Bell and Zarina has. 

The use of a designer style was probably utilized by Disney so that they could capture these characters in a more appropriate doll form as opposed to having them appear as 17" dolls. It was also speculated that these dolls were released in response to the lack of a LE doll back in 2013 when Peter Pan came out as a Diamond Edition release in February 2013.

Similar to Ursula, Maleficent and Harrods Elsa these dolls have a pearl like shine to them to give them the effect that they are glowing. 

Interestingly enough these dolls only retailed at a mere $59.95 plus tax and are LE 4,000, they also did not get released within any other designer merchandise like the previous lines did. Some people believed these fairies to be the designer line of 2014, however it is because of the lack of merchandise, the release outside of doll season and the fact that there were only two characters released that this belief was disregarded.

Disney always tries to surprise collectors each year with something different. In 2013 it was the release of the first ever male LE doll, 2012 had the first ever doll set to feature two dolls in the one box and in 2011 IT as the release of the first ever villain LE doll. This year the surprise was the designer fairy line, it appears to be Disney's way of keeping collectors continuously guessing. 

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