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Designer Fairytale Collection Series I (2013)

This is the first in the designer series to have a male doll featured in the line and to have two dolls contained in each set. There was a total of 5 sets which meant that there is a total of 10 dolls within the line.

The set retailed at USD$129.95 plus tax (£100/€120) each, making it the most expensive line in terms of a set but cheaper per doll whenc ompared to the villains as it works out to be around $65 per doll. 

Details of the series was released on the Disney Store blog on August 1 2013 and were previewed at the 2013 D23 Expo. Similar to the exclusive Cinderella at the 2011 D23 expo the 2013 expo released an exclusive D23 golden Snow White and the Prince vaiant with an edition size of 600 worldwide.

Snow White and the Prince

Rapunzel and Flynn


Jasmine and Aladdin

Belle and the Beast

Ariel and Eric