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Designer Fairytale Collection Series II (2014)

This is the first line in the designer series to be a continuation of a previous line. 

Featuring the remaining 5 princess from the original 10 princess line up this line retained the same LE size of 6,000 and was priced at the same $129.95 USD. 

Unlike last year this designer line was not released until late September so a whole month later in comparison to the prior year. The dolls were also released on a weekly basis as opposed to every other week.

Funnily enough whilst this line was a continuation of the previous Fairytale line it's release was similar to the Villains in 2012. Overall the line was not successful with only two dolls selling out on the same day as release, being Cinderella followed by Briar Rose (although some were still available in store). 

At 2 months after the release Mulan, Tiana and Pocahontas were still available with Pocahontas only selling out after the black Friday sales where a particular sale code could be used in conjunction with the remaining designer dolls. 

Overall the line wasn't too bad a concept and the dolls look amazing however the main issue around the dolls was the fact that it was the same thing, many people were getting sick of the same characters being made into designer dolls when there were so many other characters that could be utilised and added to the line. The other factor was the fact that the Fairytale line did not really represent anything Designer, other than Cinderella most of the other princesses look like they were in a fancier version of their outfit as opposed to a whole new "designer" look that the original lines released in 2011 and 2012 portrayed.

There were many issues with this year's line where Disney suffered many issues with the shipping of the designer line. Not only did they ship the dolls early by mistake but decided to recall the shipment even though many still went through, resulting in orders being closed but then having to be reinstated. Many people either had their orders cancelled completely and then being told that their orders could not be fulfiled due to the set selling out. One would have assumed that after the issues they suffered from last year they would have tried to improve it this year however this was not the case.

On top of that many dolls that were received had issues with the backing and floor cardboard where it was either bent or not attached to the case properly. All of these issues are what added up to the line not being as successful as it could have been.

Tiana and Naveen

Pocahontas and John Smith

Cinderella and Prince Charming

Mulan and Shang

Briar Rose and Phillip