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Designer Fairytale Collection III (2015)

Whilst 2015 was the year for heroes and villains, Disney decided to surprise us with an additional designer fairytale set in the form of Anna and Kristoff. In a sense this set is a way to include Anna in the previous fairytale collection since she is the only princess that has been omitted (since both Merida and Elsa do not have a significant other). 

Designer Fairytale Anna and Kristoff

Limited Edition Size: 6,000

Original Cost: $129.95 £100 €120

Doll size:  Anna 11 1/2" H 
Kristoff 12" H

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This designer set is considered a special release as it is not part of this year's designer line. Instead it is considered to be a part of the previous fairytale series featuring the princesses and their respective princes.

It captures Anna and Kristoff in their fairytale moment during the troll wedding ceremony.

Anna is in her usual snow gear outfit with the addition of a green "moss" cape with a leaf crown. 

Kristoff is in his mountain man outfit with a similar green "moss" cape and a crown made to twigs. 

On the artwork and the stock photos Kristoff is featured with his crown on his head. However the set actually comes with Kristoff just holding the crown as opposed to wearing it. This is so that Kristoff can fit within the space provided. 

Also in the artwork Kristoff is depicted with a sheepish expression on his face, however the doll remains expressionless.