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Designer Fairytale Heroes & Villains Collections (2015)

The designer Fairytale Heroes & Villains Collection is the expected designer line for 2015, featuring your favorite Disney characters with their villain counterparts.

As at June 15 2015 the suspected dolls to be included in the line are
- Snow White and the Hag
- Rapunzel and Mother Gothel
- Peter Pan and Captain Hook
- Ariel and Ursula

On June 14 there were leaked images of the Airel and Ursula set, there were also images of what appears to be a D23 exclusive Elsa and Hans set. However nothing has been confirmed by Disney as of yet.  

Snow White and the Hag

Peter Pan and Hook

Rapunzel and Mother Gothel

Ariel and Ursula

Elsa and Hans

D23 Exclusive Elsa and Hans