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Designer Princess Collection (2011)

These dolls were the first in the designer line and was announced at the D23 2011 expo. You were able to preorder the set at the expo as well as purchase the exclusive silver Cinderella which had an edition size of only 250 worldwide.

This is the first and only designer set that has varying edition sizes amongst the dolls. Along with the dolls Disney released other items including a limited edition set of pins limited to 150 worldwide (exclusive only to the expo), a set of 10 mugs and journals, various clothing, cosmetics and apparel utilising the designer princess artwork. 

When released the dolls retailed at $59.50 plus tax (£60 in the UK) each, there was a presale of the entire set available at the expo for $595.00. The dolls were scheduled to be released weekly, one at a time every Monday starting from August 22 2011. However due to the popularity of the the first five dolls (Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Mulan and Snow White) and numerous complaints about the inability to purchase them the remaining five dolls Tiana, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Aurora and Pocahontas were released at the same time on October 17 2011 in store and October 18 2011 online. It was during this release the term dollmageddon was coined due to the issue with the website consistently crashing and people trying for hours to get the dolls in their cart but not being able to checkout due to a website malfunction and the excessive traffic on the site.

The Disney Store website crashed repeatedly during the online release of Designer Snow White on September 19, 2011. In addition the doll was oversold online, leading to cancellations of orders that had been confirmed by email from the Disney Store. This lead to the postponement of the next scheduled release, from September 26 to October 17-18 2011. In addition it was decided to release all five of the remaining dolls at once, in stores on October 17, and online in the morning of October 18 (9am PST).





Snow White