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Designer Villain Queen of Hearts

Released: Sep 25 2011

Limited Edition Size: 13,000

Original Cost: $79.50 £50 €65

Doll size: 11 1/2" H

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Part of the Disney Villains Designer line that was released in 2012 this doll is a designer re-imagination of the character Queen of Hearts from the movie Alice and Wonderland.

The first doll that is not based on a princess movie, the Queen of Hearts appears in a heart-shaped red velvet bodice with a gold organza and black lace skirt. 

This doll did raise some controvery due to her being slimmed down when compared to her original cartoon version, although critics were not as hard on this version as they were with Ursula due to the fact that some people believed that this doll was an inspired by both the animated and the movie version of the character from the movie of the same name, similar to her Limited Edition doll version.

Unlike the princess line all the dolls in this series share the same edition size as opposed to having varying sizes. 

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