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Designer Villains Collection (2012)

The second in the designer series, this line was released in 2012 and is the first and only line to date to not feature the princesses. There was a little controversy with this line due to the two characters, Ursula and the Queen of Hearts being reimagined into thinner versions of their original character.

This was also the first line that was released outside of an expo year and contained the largest edition size per doll at 13,000 of each doll being available. 

These dolls retailed at $79.50 plus tax (£50/€65) and there were only 6 characters released inc omparison to the 10 released the year before.

It is believed that Disney chose 13,000 as a play on 13 being a number associated with the villains, however the problem with this is that the edition size was substantial, in fact out of all the LE dolls in existence (both LE and designer version) these dolls were by far the highest in edition size. Disney believed that due to the high success of the princesses the year before that these would be just as popular hence though releasing 13,000 od each would be a smart idea. 

The problem Disney faced was that 
1) The villains are no where near as popular as the princesses
2) They increased the price of the dolls by $20 
3) There were just too many available

It got to the point where the dolls were just not selling out that Disney actually put the dolls on sale, only Maleficent sold out after about a month after release which is also another reason why she is probably the most expensive on the secondary market. All other characters were placed on sale with some going down as low as $40. 


Evil Queen

Queen of Hearts


Mother Gothel

Cruella De Vil