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Doll Care

A common question asked by many is how to display and take care of these dolls?

This is a very personal topic as many people have their own way or personal taste when it comes to displaying their dolls. But in terms of forms of displays here are some various recommendations:


  • The Billy bookcase from Ikea works great for these dolls due to their adjustable shelves note however that these shelves can only hold 4 LE dolls due to the middle panel being fixed. They are great for displaying Designer dolls as well and can fit 4 designers a row and you can display about 16 designers on the one book case, so four rows of four. 

  • The Detolf is glass cabinet also available from Ikea, these work perfectly for the designer dolls, especially for those that like the elegant glass look. They are very fragile and can be a hassle when moving so if you do choose these make sure you dont plan on moving them around too much. These can fit 2 designers a row with four rows in total which means a total of 8 designers can fit in each cabinet.

  • Malm is another great option from Ikea the great thing about this set is that you can place your dolls on its flat surface and because they are drawers you can keep your other Disney mercahndise in in the drawers, the slip covers can fit however you ould probably only be able to fit two per drawer.

  • Floating shelves, these are probably one of the best ways to display your dolls, however this would only work for those that own their own home as it would require people to fix the shelves onto their walls and drill holes into it too to ensure that the shelves do not fall over. These are generally more DIY projects and you can find the shelves that you need at your local hardware store. 



  • As the doll's clothing is made of actual fabrics, too much exposure to sunlight will cause them to fade, also it can result in the colors on the boxes to fade as well. Therefore it is generally recommended that the dolls are displayed away from direct sunlight.


  • The dolls are made of plastic therefore if it gets too hot it can result in the plastic warping or melting therefore try to store them in a cool room that does not get too hot to avoid this from happening. 


  • The slip covers for the designer dolls can be the trickiest to store, the best way to store these is if you keep the boxes that the designers come in you can place the slip cover in each individual box so that it does not get creased or bent and then store the box(s) away in a cupboard. Some people recommend pulling the slip cover apart to flatten them as they fold down however I try to avoid this as it does result in you having to pull the thing apart.