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Designer Fairytale Belle and the Beast

Released: Oct 2 2013

Limited Edition Size: 6,000

Original Cost: $129.95 £100 €120

Doll size:  Belle 12" H 
Beast 13" H

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Part of the Disney Fairytale Designer line that was released in 2013 this doll set features Belle and the Beast from the movie Beauty and the Beast capturing their fairytale moment in exquisite detail.

Belle comes in an off-the-shoulder bodice and a satin gown with subtle ornate print and a lace underskirt. 

The Beast is in a velvet coat that features gold embroidery, piped trim and golden buttons, he is also wearing a matching printed satin waist coat. 

There was a lot of speculation as to whether or not the Beast would be made using fur or moulded plastic, funnily enough only the parts of the beast that are exposed are made to look like fur, the rest of the doll is in the shape of a normal human body and the beasts head is actually hollow. 

Even though moulded plastic was used this set was received rather postively making it the 2nd most wanted set in the series. Mainly due to the detail in Beast's design and the intricate design on Belle's dress.

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