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Designer Fairytale Peter Pan and Captain Hook

Released: Oct 6 2015 (in-store), Oct 7 2015 (online)

Limited Edition Size: 6,000

Original Cost: $129.95 £100 €120

Doll size:  Peter Pan 9" H 
Captain Hook 12" H

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The second doll to be released in the deisgner fairytale heroes and villains series, this set features Peter Pan and Captain Hook from Peter Pan. This is the first designer set to feature two males and also the first child seeing that Peter never grew up. It also features one of the smaller dolls since Peter Pan is only around 9".

Based on the diorama the fairytale moment encapsulated by these dolls is a moment in which the two are fighting in Skull Mountain.

Peter is in his lost boy outfit with the green tunic and printed leaf detail. He also has a sword and a little Tinker Bell accessory.

Captain Hook is wearing a red captain's jacket with black cuffs, both of which are embroided in gold. 

Captain Hook's hat makes the doll too tall to fit in the container, therefore when displayed in the case he is not wearing his hat.

Also there were many questions as to why Peter Pan and Hook were chosen to be featured in the set. Many theories include that they are one of the more popular hero and villain duo, also because we have designer fairies so this seems to round off any missed opportunities for missed Peter Pan dolls.

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