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Desginer Fairytale Snow White and the Witch

Released: Sep 29 2015 (in-store), Sep 30 2015 (online)

Limited Edition Size: 6,000

Original Cost: $129.95 £100 €120

Doll size:  Snow White 11 1/2" H 
Witch 9" H

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The first of the designer heroes and villains dolls to be released featuring Snow White and the Evil Queen disguised as an old hag. 

The diorama depicts the moment outside of the Dwarfs house where-in the Evil Queen is handing Snow White the apple.

Snow White appears in floral printed skirt with a midnight blue bodice embelished with a rose embroided design. 

The witch is dressed in a black cloak with red lining and a wine red shawl and accessoried with a basket of green apples.

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