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Designer Fairytale Rapunzel and Flynn

Released: Sep 4 2013

Limited Edition Size: 6,000

Original Cost: $129.95 £100 €120

Doll size:  Rapunzel 11 1/2" H 
Flynn 12" H

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Part of the Disney Fairytale Designer line that was released in 2013 this doll set features Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from the movie Tangled caputring their fairytale moment in exquisite detail.

Rapunzel is featured in a printed satin corset bodice with puffed velvet sleeves and a layered gown with ornate golden embroidery. Her signature hair is braided and decorated with flowers.

Flynn Rider has a suede like vest, a satin undershirt, boots and his trademark satchel that contained Rapunzel's crown in the movie.

This doll set was highly anticipated due to the concept art however it appears to have fallen flat due to the pose that the dolls had within their case. Rapunzel was featured in front and was holding the lantern however in doing so this completely blocked out Flynn so really it was almost as if Flynn was not even featured in the set at all as you can barely see him. 

Another issue was the fact that due to Rapunzel's hair being relatively heavy some dolls came with Rapunzel's head turned almost all the way up making it look unnatural, as if she had broken her neck. Therefore a lot of people were left with no choice but to open up their set and adjust the dolls into a more suitable position.

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