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Frequently Asked Questions

For those who are new to collecting it can be rather daunting and overwhelming especially now that these dolls sell out so quickly. So here are a few common questions that come up frequently with regards to these Disney collectibles.. 


Where can I buy them from?

These dolls are created by the Disney Store for the Disney Store so they can only be purchased either in store or online through the following websites:

How much do they cost?

The dolls vary in pricing and these have been identified on the different pages about each doll. 

In general the limited edition dolls now cost $119.95 plus taxes and the designer dolls vary depending on the type and design. Generally one would expect them to cost anywhere between $69.95 to $89.95 for single dolls and $129.95 for a set.

Please note that all prices quoted above exclude tax and are in USD.

For estimated current market values please refer to the current market value page.

How do the releases work?

This is a very common question due to the fact that the dolls sell out very quickly and in some cases before they even appear on the website. 

Also Disney have started changing the way that they release these dolls in order to try and make it fairer for people which can make it rather confusing for some. 

Online releases: 

Online releases usually occur the day after the dolls come out on sale in store. The website will always update on midnight Pacific Standard Time (PST). So what this mean is it Disney announces the date that the item will be released it will be on midnight (12am) that day. So many people get confused but think of it in 24 hours time it will be 0000hrs which means as soon as it clocks over to that the next day.

For example if a release is on October 2 that will mean that you will need to stay up on the night of October 1 so that in order to be ready for the release on October 2. Obviously with different timezones this can be tricky but to keep things simple you just need to ensure you convert your time to midnight PST time. 

  • Central time (UTC) it will be 2am on the same day
  • Eastern Standard Time (EST) it will be 3am on the same day
  • Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) it will be 8am on the same day
  • Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) it will be 5pm on the same day

The site will update right on midnight however because there are many pages it will not appear right away therefore the fastest way to get to the desired page is with a direct link. Usually these can be found on certain websites and facebook pages by other collectors posting them up.

In Store releases:

In store releases will vary depending on the type of doll. Please note that this is general information based on the official release instructions by Disney but can vary from store to store so please confirm this with your local store.

Limited edition dolls are released for sale on store opening and are on a first come first serve basis. You must be 18 years or older in order to purchase the doll and you are only able to purcahse one of each type of doll.

Designer dolls are sold using a raffle system wherein people submit their names into a draw that will close at 12pm (local time), with the draw happening from 12pm ending by 1pm and the names being announced shortly afterwards. If your name is called you are eligible to purcahse the doll, you must also be present when your name is called is order to buy the doll or else it will be redrawn for someone else. 

European releases:

European releases are similar however the only difference is that they do not stagnate the release between online and in store. Dolls are still released online on the same day that they are released in store, this results in the the US Disney Store website being the last to release the item. 

In store all dolls are just released on opening and are on a first come first serve basis. 

How do pre-orders work?

In some cases Disney will release dolls for pre-order several months in advance, what this means is that you can order the dolls at a specified time howeveryou will not receive them until the official release date. Note that once these pre-orders are sold out they are sold out, you will not see them come up again later online.

When am I charged for a pre-order?

To put simply yes you will be charged for your pre-order. You will hear people that will say that they are not charged on pre-order but it has been confirmed by the Disney Store that they do in fact put a hold on your card when you place a preorder but will then release those funds around a week or two later.

The way it works is that when you place a preorder with the Disney Store they will place a hold on your card to ensure you have enough funds. The hold will be in place for about a week or two before it is released, Disney Store can then place additional holds and releases up until the release of the item however about a week or two before the actual release date a final hold will be placed on the card if it is successful the shipping team will start processing the order and will charge the order using the held funds. 

If there are insufficient funds when you are first putting the order through it WILL be declined so for an item that sells out rather quickly I would not risk it, especially since you have bee provided sufficeint notice of their release. 

For the subsequent holds if there are insufficient funds Disney Store will contact you telling you there is a problem with your order so it is best to call them right away to sort it out.

My best advice would be:

  • be prepared for the release and have the money available
  • even if others say they are not charged that may be because of their bank/credit card provider so I would not compare their circumstances to yours as it could be different. Disney Store has in fact confirmed that holds are in fact taken up on order.
  • once you have placed the order, even after the hold is released and the funds returned, resist using those funds just in case the Disney Store takes an additional hold

How does the order process and shipping work?

As most of you may know when you are looking forward to something most that is when you tend to check it's status every minute and watch the door hoping that the mailman will be there any minute. 

So here are some tips for when you have put your order through:

  • To check the status of your order you can go to the Disney Store website and on the top right hand corner under My Account you can select Order History and then select the particular order for a status update. 
  • Your order can have the following status:
    • Placed: This means that your order has been placed but has not been processed due to the sheer volume of orders coming through so the system has not had a chance to update. It is also because of this that sometimes there can be over orders and some being cancelled.
    • Active: Once your order is Active it becomes a current order and is in their system as an order that needs to be fulfilled. This is the status that you want to get after an order is placed as it will mean it went through ok.
    • Closed with Tracking: Order has been shipped and it will have the closed status and a tracking number allocated to each item within the order. 
    • Closed without Tracking but says Shipped: Your order has been shipped but there are no tracking details provided other than the words Shipped and the date shipped. The problem with this is that there is actually no way to track your package, it is recommended that if you haven't received it within a week of the date shipped then I would contact the Disney Store right away to have it resolved. 
    • Closed no other details provided: This unfortunate status means that your order could have quite possibly be cancelled due to Disney not being able to contact you due to a problem with your order.
    • Cancelled: This status is one you don't want if you were not expecting it, it means that either Disney Store over sold and cancelled your order or you contacted them to have it cancelled.
  • On some occassions the following message can appear:
    We're sorry. We're unable to obtain the current status of your order at this time. The information below may not reflect recent updates. Pleast try again later. Or you can contact Guest Services for further assistance.
    If you get this message do not panic there are different systems used for the warehouse and the online system as a result there are times when there may be a delay in the relay of information between the two systems that can result in this message. However it does not mean there is anything wrong with your order, if you just refresh your page or check your status again in about 10-15 minutes it should disappear. 

Unfortunately even once your order has shipped that does not mean that you are guaranteed to get it due to a multitude of shipping problems. Here are some tips for once your order has been shipped:

  • Once your order has shipped you should receive a tracking number with UPS, initially it will not work but within 2-3 hours it should change to a label created status.
  • After the label created stage it should change to the in transit stage, now it is between these stages that you should keep an eye on your tracking. If it does not change over to the in transit stage within 48 hours of the tracking being received then I would contact the Disney Store right away. Of course this will vary depending on whether or not you receive the tracking details on a Friday. Ultimately think of it as the UPS delivery truck picks up the merchandise from the Disney warehouse at certain points during the day with a final run being done at the end of the day, it is only once it is picked up by UPS that the tracking changes to in transit. Although on some occassions due to how much stock is being shipped it is possible that even though the shipping label is created it will not be picked up until the next day due to the volume of stock being shipped this is why it is recommened that you wait at least two days before contacting the Disney Store. 
  • Here are some issues based on past experiences that explain why your shipping label does not change to the in transit phase.
    • Disney Issue - Two shipping labels were attached to the one item meaning that the other was scanned and unforunately yours was not.
    • Disney Issue - Your shipping label was printed but not attached to an item therefore your order will say it is closed and shipped because the label was printed but the order itself was never fulfilled. 
    • UPS Issue - Failed to scan the package therefore the tracking has not been updated
  • Once your package is in the green in transit phase it is just a matter of following it until it gets delivered to you. UPS is a rather horrid shipped though so do expect them to leave it out front if you are in fact home, leave it on your neighbours doorstep or treat your order with very little respect.


My order came in damaged, what can I do?

Unfortunately it is common for orders to arrive with some sort of damage, depending on the extent of the damage it may be worthwhile contacting the Disney Store to let them know of the damage. It is important to note that the earlier you can contact Disney about your order the higher the chances you will have of obtaining a replacement. In some cases Disney will request that you return the items first and then they will send out a replacement.

Disney Store will ask you to send through photos of the damaged goods along with the original order number.

Minor damage like scuffs or minor dents will only result in a gift card from the store along with a "Have a magical day greeting". 

How can I contact the Disney Store



Generally calling them directly would be best as that will result in your enquiry being addressed immediately, however there is also emailing them as well. 

Does the Disney Store ship internationally?

Only the US page does and shipping is generally based on the total value of your order as opposed to the weight and size etc. 

Here are the shipping rates based on orders placed mid to late 2014. All prices are quoted in USD and the speed of shipping has improved generally taking no more than a week to reach most desitnations once it has been shipped.

  • up to $49.99 - $50.70
  • $50 to $99.99 - $66.10
  • $100 to $199.99 - $86.60
  • $200 to $299.99 -  $117.40
  • $300 to $399.99 - $153.20
  • $400 to $499.95 - $194.20
  • $500 to $599.99 - $255.70
  • $600 to $699.99 - $296.70
  • $700 to $99.99 - $358.20
  • $1,000 and up - $409.50