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Limited Edition Alice Doll

Release date: Aug 22 2011

Limited Edition size: 500

Size: 17"

Original Cost: USD $99.50 £60 €70

Similar to Mother Gothel this is another doll that was released as a surprise release. It was released to commemorate the 60th anniversay of Alice in Wonderland however it was released unexpectedly because it was not released to coincide with a blu-ray or movie release nor was it announced. Making it the first doll to be released without an actual "reason" for being released other than the fact that is was the 60th anniversay of the movie. 

This was a doll of many firsts as it was also the first doll with an edition size less than 1,000 at 500 worldwide and it was also the first doll that was only made available within the US only.

Appearing in a blue ruffled dress based off the 1951 Disney film the doll's appearance is very similar to that of the original Snow White doll in that her look is a more classic look with smaller eyes as opposed to the other dolls such as Tiana, Belle and Rapunzel who had bigger eyes and look very similar to the characters in the movie. 

She also comes with an oversized tea-cup accessory to elaborate further on the strange and wonderful world known as Wonderland.

Similar to Rapunzel, Alice's blonde locks of hair is also intertwined with golden strands making the doll impeccable. 

Due to many reasons Alice became one of the fastest growing LE dolls. Not only was her exclusivity a big selling point but because of the classic look mentioned above.

It is actually because of this look that both Alice and Snow have fast become coveted "grail" dolls.

Surprisingly enough even with the low edition size this doll was still limit 2 per order.

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