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Limited Edition Ariel Doll

Release date: Oct 1 2013

Limited Edition size: 6,000

Size: 17"

Original Cost: USD $99.95 £60 €70

Released to commemorate the release of the Diamond Edition blu-ray of The Little Mermaid in stores, this doll was released for pre-order the same day that the blu-ray was released for pre-order as well.

This was a very interesting doll release because people did not know whether or not Ariel would appear in a dress like all the other princesses did or in her mermaid form.

Staying true to the movie Disney released Ariel in her mermaid form and did a very good job translating the mermaid into doll form whilst retaining the elegance and glamorous effect that the previous dolls hold. 

The doll appears in her signature clam shell top which has been accentuated by rhinestones and danglling shells. Her tail has been accented with large duel-toned teal and purple scales made of taffeta.

She has been accessoried with waistband circled in shells and a large starfish hairclip.

She has definitely become one of the more popular dolls due to both her popularity as a character overall and her well executed doll. 

Fun Fact:
Disney increased the price of the doll going forward by 45 cents.  

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