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Limited Edition China Girl Doll

Release date: Feb 4 2013

Limited Edition size: 500

Size: 19"

Original Cost: USD $179.50

Released as part of the promotion for the movie Oz the Great and Powerful. China doll is the first LE doll to be based entirely on a live action movie. The Alice dolls were inspired by both the animation and the movie but China Girl doll is based solely on the CGI character from the movie Oz. 

She is also the tallest LE doll standing at 19" and is designed to look like she has been shattered and put back together. She sits in a beautiful case that is lines with satin and is in a hand sewn dress featuring satin and lace trim over bloomers.


This doll really is stunning due to the intricacies and the details in the doll. She is meant to be a replica of the China Girl character in the movie Oz the Great and Powerful, so is life sized. 

The doll is actually made of resin as opposed to china/porcelain.  

She also has limited articulation compared to almost all of the other LE dolls. She only has neck, shoulder and hip joints. Her head can only swivel about 45 degrees to either side. Her shoulder and ship joints are spring loaded, which is unique among Disney Store dolls. 

Her shoes are are actually painted on.

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