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Limited Edition Cinderella Doll

Release date: Oct 2 2012

Limited Edition size: 5,000

Size: 18"

Original Cost: USD $99.50 £60 €70

Released to commemorate the release of the Diamond Edition blu-ray of Cinderella in stores, this doll was made available for pre-order the same time that the blu-ray came out for pre-order in stores.

With a beautiful satin bodice covered in rhinestones and a choker made of ebony beads Cinderella appears in her ball gown inspired dress.

From her glittering headband all the way down to her iconic glass slippers this doll is detailed from head to toe. 

One the highlights of this doll really is her dress, the bodice covered in rhinestones that slowly disperse throughout the skirt of her dress emphasises the appearace of the dress when the Fairy Godmother transformed Cinderella for the ball and the fairy dust settled on the dress after the change. 

Unfortunately unlike Snow White whom was based on a classic look Cinderella was based more on her modern look thus resulting in her looking more like Cinderella Barbie as opposed to Disney's classic Cinderella. To make matters worse the glass slippers were made of plastic and due to the metal rod holding the doll in place it had rusted which seeped onto the shoes staining it. This was very disappointing especially because the shoes are Cinderella's iconic look therefore out of the entire outfit this is something Disney should have made sure they had done correctly. 

It is because of these faults that the doll is considered to be one of the less desired dolls from the entire series.

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