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Limited Edition Jessie Doll

Release date: Jun 18 2010

Limited Edition size: 2,010

Size: 16"

Original Cost: USD $79.50

Released to celebreate the release of Toy Story 3 in theatres, this is the first LE doll to be released that was not part of the Heriloom collection. 

She is the first LE doll that requires batteries and has vocal abilities.

It is also the first and only LE doll to have a LE size rounded to 10s as opposed to 100s or 1000s. 

She appears in a glitter filled hat, an accented satin shirt and faux leather boots.

There was a special promotional release on the 16th of June where people were able to have their doll signed by Joan Cusack, the voice actress of Jessie. 

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