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Lady Tremaine Limited Edition Doll

Release date: Oct 2 2012

Limited Edition size: 1,500

Size: 17"

Original Cost: USD $99.50 £60 €70

Released to commemorate the Diamond Edition blu-ray of Cinderella in stores, this doll was considered a surprise as it was not up for pre-order prior to its release. She had not been announced online prior to her release however information of her release was leaked several days prior to her actual release date so people were aware of her. 

Created to replicate the wicked step mother from the movie Cinderella this doll features Lady Tremaine in a burgundy gown made of velvet with large mutton sleeves and dramatic stand-up collar of pleated lilac.

This is an interesting doll because whilst it is very detailed and looks quite elegant the  "dramatic" stand up collar almost makes her look quite comical. 

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