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Limited Edition Merida and Queen Elinor Doll Set

Release date: Nov 13 2012

Limited Edition size: 2,500

Size: 17"

Original Cost: USD $199.50 

Released to commemorate Brave on blu-ray this doll set was the first of its kind in that it was released as a set of two dolls as opposed to the normal one.

It was made availble for pre-order the same time that the blu-ray was released for pre-order as well.  

This set featured both Merida and Queen Elinor in their signature regal outfits that they wear in the movie. Both ladies are in celtic inspired satin dresses, with Merida supporting a gold gem and pearl decordated belt and Elinor in her royal crown.

Due to Disney trying to fit the two dolls into the one box it did make the set look rather cramped and on top of that they increased the price for this set to double the price of an original LE doll. However the increase in price was not justified due to the simplicity of the dolls and their outfit. 

It was because of this that the doll lasted online for months and in some cases sold at less than retail on the secondary market. 

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