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Limited Edition Merida Doll

Release date: Jun 22 2012

Limited Edition size: 7,000

Size: 18"

Original Cost: USD $99.50 £60 €70

Released to commemorate the release of Brave in theaters, this was the first doll to be released based on the movie release as opposed to the blu-ray release. 

Merida appears in her woodsman outfit made of velvet and satin and accented with pleated gold organza at the cuff and collar.

This doll is again one of the underappreciated dolls in the series, with intricate details in her outfit and beautiful accessories there is definitely a lot going on with this doll but in a good way. 

The only negative with this doll is her hair, whilst she shares the same sort of hair as Mother Gothel yet this doll's hair is not as fine and can come off looking a little more "wirey" as opposed to curly. 

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