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Limited Edition Mother Gothel Doll

Release date: Mar 29 2011

Limited Edition size: 1,500

Size: 17"

Original Cost: USD $99.50 £60 €70

Released to commemorate the release of Tangled on blu-ray. 

This was the first in the series of both surprise and villain dolls. This doll was also one of the only dolls that did not have any information released about it prior to its release. 

Mother Gothel was the first Limited Edition doll released that was based on a villain. Unlike the princess dolls the villain dolls have a much smaller edition size and come in a colored box as opposed to a white one.

Holding a similar brush to Rapunzel which she also holds in her hands, Mother Gothel comes in an amazing burgandy/red dress with yellow underlining and a black cloak just like in the movie. 

The two things that really makes this doll stand out is her hair and the details in her dress. Similar to Rapunzel Mother Gothel's dress is laced with intricate details and patterns throughout. Staying true to the movie the doll has an amazing hairdo which I guess you could say is her signature look.

It is because of these features that it makes Mother Gothel the "grail" of the villain dolls as she really is amazing and is arguably the best villain doll to date. 

This doll was limited to 2 per order.

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