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Limited Edition Once Upon A Time Doll

Release date: Aug 13 2015

Limited Edition size: 300

Size: 12"

Original Cost: USD $129.95

A D23 exclusive set, this was another first of its kind. The set features live action dolls based on Once Upon A Time characters Snow White and the Evil Queen played by Ginnifer Goodwin and Lana Parrilla respectively.

The contrast between good and evil, hero and villain is evident in this set with the way that one doll is completely white and the other in black.

Snow White is in a white wedding dress replicating one that she wears in the TV series.

The Evil Queen, otherwise known as Regina is dressed in a black gown embelished with gold trimmings and holding the red apple she gives to Snow White.

Those who bought the doll at the expo were given the oppotunity to have them signed by both Ginnifer and Lana.