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Limited Edition Eric Doll

Release date: Oct 1 2013

Limited Edition size: 1,500

Size: 18"

Original Cost: USD $99.95 £60 €70

Released to commemorate the release of the Diamond Edition blu-ray of The Little Mermaid in stores, this doll was released as a "surprise" in the sense that there was no pre-order for it and it was released for sale on the day the blu-ray came out as well. 

However this doll was displayed for preview at the D23 expo.

Prince Eric was the first male LE doll to be released as part of the Heirloom collection. He appears in an ivory and navy blue uniform inspired by the outfit he wore during his wedding to Ariel at the end of the film.

He is also accessoried with black boots and a sword with golden trims. 

He is a rather tall doll and as a result his head does get cut off a bit due to the boarder of the box.

He is the first male doll released by the Disney Store to be fully articulated in a similar manner to the princesses, the only difference is the fact that his neck only has a pivot joint rather than a ball joint. All other male dolls previous released by the Disney Store did not have this level of articulation.

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