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Limited Edition Queen of Hearts Doll

Release date: Aug 22 2011

Limited Edition size: 500

Size: 17"

Original Cost: USD $99.50 £60 €70

Similar to Mother Gothel and Alice this is another doll that was released as a surprise release. It was released to commemorate the 60th anniversay of Alice in Wonderland however it was released unexpectedly because it was not released to coincide with a blu-ray or movie release nor was it announced. Making it the first doll to be released without an actual "reason" for being released other than the fact that is was the 60th anniversay of the movie. 

Interestingly enough this doll is based on a combination of the Queen of Heart's look in both the 1951 animated film as well as the 2010 live action film. Featuring dramatic make up with heart-shaped lips and dressed in an elaborate royal gown made of velvet and faux fur it did in fact make the doll look very elegant.

The funny thing about this doll is that whilst the new look is what made it look amazing it was also because of this new look that people disliked the doll. As it did not look anything like the Queen of Hearts at all, other than the fact that she had heart shaped lips and was called the Queen of Hearts unlike the other dolls released before her this doll really was based off a new look as opposed to looking like the actual character in the movies. 

Unfortunately it is because of this fact that she is not as popular as many of the other dolls. She still does well on the secondary market and that is predominantly due to the fact that she does have a low edition size. 

Similar to Alice this doll was limited to 2 per order.

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