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Limited Edition Sgt Calhoun

Release date: Nov 2 2012

Limited Edition size: 1,000

Size: 17"

Original Cost: USD $99.50

To celebrate the release of Wreck it Ralph in cinemas, Disney Store released this Sgt Calhoun doll.

Appearing in a detailed bodysuit armor Calhoun looks amazing, with rooted hair and accessoried with a blaster rifle, this is Calhoun like you have never seen her before.

The box for this doll was rather smart as it is shaped like an action figure and opens up easily allowing people to admire the doll without having to remove layers of packaging.

Also her COA is in the shape of the Hero medal from the movie. 

The doll was actually released the same time the movie has come out and as a result many people were unsure if they would like Calhoun and if she was a good guy or a villain. 

Also because the doll had longer hair than Calhoun actually had in the movie this did put a few people off.

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