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Limited Edition Snow Queen Elsa Doll

Release date: Nov 20 2013

Limited Edition size: 2,500

Size: 17"

Original Cost: USD $99.95 £60 €70

Released to celebrate the release of Frozen in theatres this doll was released several days prior to the movie coming out in theatres. There was no pre-order available for this doll however details of its release was published on the Disney Store blog the several weeks before the release of the doll.

Featuring Elsa in her snow inspired dress with sheer organza sleeves and a gown detailed with snowflake embroidery and rhinestones. Accessoried with snowflake jewels in her hair, snowflake inspired shoes and an amazing sheer cape that is also embroided with snowflakes. This doll was released along with her sister the Coronation Anna doll. 

Whilst this doll was not as popular on release the demand for it sky rocketed several weeks after the movie was released, making it the doll with the fastest rise in popularity. Within the span of a month she went from selling around the $200 mark on the secondary market to selling for over $1,000. Many believe this to be due to what is now known as the 'Frozen hype' therefore resulting in an inflation in the actual market value of the doll. 

Euro Pricing Issue:
When these dolls were released online and in store across Europe, there was an unexpected price increase to £80 in the UK and 90 to the rest of Europe. This caused an uproar due to the fact that in the US the dolls still remained at the same price of $99.95. As a result this deterred many people in Europe from purchasing these dolls and resulted in the Disney Store UK facebook page being bombarded with complaints. DSUK reduced the price of the doll to the originsl £60  and 70 and gave those that had purchased the doll a couvher to make up for the mishap.

Harrods Edition:
Along with this version of the doll there was a special "Harrods" edition that was released as a two pack featuring both Coronation Anna and Snow Queen Elsa in the same box. This set was exclusive to Harrods meaning that it was only available in the Harrods store in the UK. It was a LE of only 100 and was released to commemorate the opening of the Disney Store section within Harrods. The set retailed at a whopping £500 and was released earlier than the normal edition on the 1st of November.

These dolls were slightly more detailed than their normal counterparts. The main differences for Elsa were:

  • A pearl like effect to her sking tone similar to that of Ursula
  • More detailed snowflake embroidery in both her dress and cape.
  • More snowflake jewels in her hair

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