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Limited Edition Snow White Doll


Release Date: Oct 6 2009

Limited Edition Size: 5,000

Size: 17"

Original Cost: USD $99.50 £60 €70

Released to commemorate the diamond edition release of Snow White on blu-ray. It was made available for pre-order around late July/early August with an actual release date in October. 

Unlike the newer dolls this doll actually came with a free copy of the diamond edition blu-ray.

This doll is what started it all and is considered a grail for most people due to it's unique and classic look. With intricate details in her dress this doll definitely set the benchmark for all future releases and does not fail to impress.

The look of this doll is very different to the others (with the exception of Alice) as it is based on the classic Snow White look and inspired by the Elizabethan period fashion therefore has softer features unlike the subsequent dolls that have a more modern look. 

The doll features the signature rooted eyelashes along with an amazing velour cape and some cute accessories. 

Fun Fact:
Interestingly enough the number of dolls that a person was able to order per order was not limited at the time. So technically you could buy as many of this doll that you wanted in the one order. 

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