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Limited Edition Tiana Doll


Release date: Mar 16 2010

Limited Edition Size: 5,000

Size: 17"

Original Cost: USD $99.50 £60 €70

Released to commemorate the release of Princess and the Frog on blu-ray similar to the Snow White doll if you purchased the doll you also received a free copy of the diamond edition blu-ray with your purchase as well.

This doll came out for pre-order in January but was not delivered until March.

It was the first doll to be released that was not based on a diamond edition blu-ray release.

Feautring the lovely Tiana from the feature film The Princess and the Frog, this beautiful doll has a newer look to it unlike its predecessor Snow White. With a bayou inspired wedding dress deisgned to look like the leaves of a lily pad and a frog accessory in hand this doll whilst not always considered a grail is still beautiful in its own right.

Just like Snow White this doll took some time to sell out with the pre-order lasting until the actual release date. 

This doll was limited to 3 per order.

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