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Limited Edition Wedding Rapunzel Doll

Release date: Mar 29 2012

Limited Edition size: 8,000

Size: 17"

Original Cost: USD $99.50 £60 €70

This doll was the first of it's kind in that it was the first to be based on a character already released as a LE doll but in a different outfit. It is also the highest edition doll at 8,000 worldwide. 

It was released to commemorate the release of the short Tangled Ever After which was a mini-sequel to the movie Tangled depicting Rapunzel and Eugene's marriage. It is in this short that you see Rapunzel in her wedding dress which is what this doll is based on

Appearing in a wedding dress with a bodice embroidered with the golden sun featured throughout the movie Tangled and a dress and veil detailed in golden patterns this really is an amazing doll and is probably one of the more under-apprecaited dolls due to its large edition size.

This is also the first doll to be limited to one per order and due to the increasing popularity of these dolls. Going forward all dolls were limited one per order.

Fun Fact:
This doll is said to have two versions, one with the standard long rooted eyelashes that all the other LE dolls also share and another with shorter eyelashes. It is unknown if this was intentionally done by Disney however on the original listing it does not actually state on the website that the doll was to have either version of the lashes.

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