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Limited Edition Dolls

These dolls were initially released  to commemorate the release of a Disney movie on blu-ray or a re-release from the vault as a "diamond" edition release. These diamond edition releases are generally released twice a year, one around Spring and the other during Fall. It should be noted that the Fall releases are generally the ones associated with a Disney princess movie starting with Snow White (2009), Beauty and the Beast (2010), Cinderella (2012), The Little Mermaid (2013) and Sleeping Beauty (2014). In addition to these there is the unconfirmed release of Aladdin in 2015 and the 2011 release of the Lion King making it the only movie to be released in the Fall not feautring a Disney Princess.

Note that there have been other characters included in this collection that are either not princesses (Alice, the villains, Prince Eric and Prince Philip) or are more recent princesses (such as Rapunzel and Tiana) hence do not have a diamond edition release but instead are released either to celebrate the release of the movie in theatres or the home media release.

These dolls were eventually given the unofficial name the "Heirloom Collection" due to their similar style and manner of release. 

Along with this heirloom collection there are also various limited edition dolls, each released to commemorate a movie release or a special Disney event refer to the Others page for more details.

Upcoming Releases

Note not all of these dolls are by no means confirmed by Disney with some being purely based on speculation and posts from other fandom pages. 

At this point in time all dolls listed below are only based on speculation:

  • 17" Moana (to commemorate the theatrical release of Moana)
  • Live Action Alice (based on the movie Through the Looking Glass coming out May of this year)