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Jul 3 2015

The Disney Store facebook page announces the release of the Limited Edition Jasmine doll. As suspected the doll is to be released in store on August 4th and online on August 5th.

Jun 14 2015

Another listing is found on ebay showing the Designer Fairytale Hero and Villain, Ariel and Ursula set LE 6,000
More images of the Once Upon A Time set is released confirming that the LE size is 300. 
Futher leaked images of what appears to be a Designer Fairytale Hero and Villain, Elsa and Hans set. It appears to be D23 exclsive as the box has the D23 sticker on it however nothing is confirmed as of yet as this is the first exlcusive that does not appear to be a variant. 

Jun 11 2015

Images of a limited edition Once Upon A Time doll set is leaked on Ebay and it appears to be a D23 exclusive set.

Mar 5 2015

RDC announces that the supposed Hans doll will be released along with the Cinderella dolls on March 13 based on a tumblr page they believe is reliable, however this again failed to be true. 

With the D23 Expo nearing they announce two events they will be holding. The Design Challenge and the Mousquerade. Whilst this is not directly doll related the fact that they are starting to announce some information about the expo is rather exciting, especially since for the past two expo they have released exclusive dolls at the event. So expect the 2015 expo to not be any different. 

Feb 26 2015

Disney Store blog announces the release of the Limited Edition Live Action Cinderella and Platinum Wedding Cinderella dolls on March 13 both online and in store. Due to the limited number of dolls available the Wedding Cinderella doll is only available online with the Live Action being available both online and in store. 

Feb 14 2015

RDC issues a statement retracting their original claims about a potential Hans doll stating that whilst their source is generally reliable they have been mistaken this time around. As a result apologise for any "false joy" that this statement may have created.

Feb 13 2015

Disney Store blog announces the release of the limited edition Frozen dolls on March 3 and 4, featuring Anna, Elsa and for first time ever, Kristoff.

Jan 22 2015

Disney Store blog announces the release  of Designer Fawn on Feb 17 and 18.

RDC announces a supposed Hans doll to be released along with the suspected Frozen dolls expected to be released in March for the Frozen Fever short.

Dec 4 2014

It was announced on social media platforms that the short Frozen Fever would be premiered as a pre-screener to the movie Cinderella being released in cinemas on March 13 2015.

Dec 2 2014

Designer Fairytale Tiana and Naveen and Mulan and Shang sell out on the Disney Store.com website.

Nov 27 2014

It was announced on RDC that there is a LE Cinderella doll based on the upcoming live action movie. 

Sep 2 2014

A new short was announced, the sequel to Frozen and has been named "Frozen Fever". This could mean potential for more LE dolls.